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Anti Islamic Remarks of Pope Benedict XVI-A Conspiracy                       By Muhammad  Abdur  Rahman  Siddiqi   

 Christianity is a great and respectable religion recognized by Islam. Prophet Jesus Christ   and Virgin mother Mary are held in high esteem in Quran the holy book of Islam. Popes are supposed to be leaders of peaceful, nonviolent and compromising teachings of Jesus Christ known as Hazrat Iisa in Islam.  One only wishes if the Pope gave the same status to Islam, Quran and Muhammad (peace and mercy of God be on him and on all prophets of God including Hazrat Iisa).

It is to be regretted that the 79-year-old Pope Benedict XVl, the supreme leader of the Catholic sect of Christianity chose to quote a derogatory remark about prophet Muhammad when he recently addressed a gathering at Regensburg , Germany on Sept.12, 2006. Before  his latest new objectionable remarks, this Pope has a history.After the 9/11 he is  on record having said “The history of Islam also has a tendency of violence”.  Let us see what the Pope said in the latest quotation, probably being unmindful of reaction:

 “Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.” Emperor Manuel ll Paleologus (1350-1425).


Nothing can be farther from the truth and facts about Islam. Obviously these words lack common sense of mutual respect in any civilization. As is clear, these are very insulting to Islam and to the prophet. It is regrettable as well as surprising that a learned personality like the Pope, quotes such a silly remark without distancing himself from it. He must have been aware of the sensitivity of the Muslims about what he was saying. He has committed a great sin if he has done so knowingly and purposely to instigate the Muslims of the world. There was no shortage of words and there was no need to bring to life the rotten words of 600 years ago, originally spoken by a defeated, fleeing King who was given amnesty by the Ottoman Turks, after he signed a humiliating treaty agreeing to pay tribute to the Sultan of Turkey.  

It is not that no body can talk about Muhammad or be forced and obliged to agree with his noble teachings. There is no compulsion in Islam.  People disagree, and that is why there are many faiths, religions and ideologies.  The point is that a respectable decorum and good taste must be maintained when criticizing a religion. Every believer considers his faith or religion the best, truest and the only way of salvation, success and happiness.  The Pope must be aware of the global storm which he unleashed by a thoughtless remark about Islam, Jihad and the Muslims in general.  “One wished if the Pope could allude to Christianity the dark history of violence in the name of God – Crusades, forced conversions, pogroms, the inquisition ……” (News Week, Sept.25, 2006)

 The speech of the Pope on the subject of Religion and Reasons has itself been most unreasonable. It has added fuel to the fire of  “9/11” and “clash of civilization” which are the buzzwords today. The timing of the objectionable quotation is also confusing. Muslims all over the world are entering the holy month of Ramadan, fasting from dawn to dusk. The Muslims have not yet forgotten the last year’s anti-Islam cartoon campaign by Danish daily and carried by many European dailies around the Hajj Islamic pilgrimage season. Salman Rushdi’s case was also a case of the same anti-Islamic campaign. In this case, the Pope appears more as a political leader than a religious one.  Was his speech intended to please the German audience who are dead opposed to admission of Turkey , a nation of 70 million Muslims, to the European Union?  Time will prove that he lost more than he gained.

 Human beings make mistake. The Pope is an elderly man and deserves benefit of old age.  The Pope has violated the rule of mutual understanding and tolerance. Surely God is not pleased with the way Pope Benedict XVI has treated Muhammad, His last messenger. The misunderstanding created by the speech of the Pope can be removed if he would be generous and noble enough to extend a few words of apology for the mistake. It has to be clear cut and emphatic.  This will restore his respect which the Muslims give to all religious leaders of his status.  But, the people who wrote his speech are more irresponsible, I think. It seems the played a dirty game to damage the relations between Islam and Christianity., and placing the Pope in a sorry situation.

I appeal to all the Muslims to control their anger, be tolerant, magnanimous and forgiving.  All Popes are not the same and Pope Paul and Pope Benedict XVI do not have the same views about Islam, Quran and Muhammad.  The Christian leader has yet to understand that Islam is a religion of peace, love, mercy, justice, equality and brotherhood.  Let the Muslims come forward and explain what Islam stands for.  Violence must be avoided at all costs!!  Let the Muslims understand the conspiracy which is being hatched and tossed against their face at different times at different level, political, economic and even religious one and such campaigns will continue for ever.  Let us study Quran and life of the prophet Muhammad to learn how to handle such situation and take it as a test from God. There is no other way out except to be united and strong in our faith. Muslims can not succeed unless they hold the “Rope” of Allah, Quran and SunnahFor the Muslims this is a good opportunity to propagate Islam all over the world.  

Another good thing which the representatives of the Pope, all over the world can do, is to invite and meet the Muslim community leaders in each country and explain the real position of the Pope and offer his sincere apology in a brotherly manner. It is said, the Pope has already apologized in Rome . If so, let his ambassadors follow in the foot steps of their leader.  After all, Christianity and Islam are brotherly religions.  Prophet Muhammad said that Prophet Jesus Christ (Hazrat Iisa) is his brother. Remember, to a Muslim, Prophet Iisa, Virgin Mother Maryam is as honourable as Muhammad, Aysha and Fatima Let us respect each other.  Respected Pope Benedict XVI, sir, do not create a gulf between two great religions of peace and love.  Do not burn the bridge.   Christianity and Islam are here to stay. Muslims do not want to demolish Christianity and remember, nobody can demolish Islam too. May Allah bestow His mercy on all the prophets of God and guide us all on the right path. Aameen.







Anti Islamic Remarks of Pope Benedict XVI-A Conspiracy 

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