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October 10, 2006


Toyota Launches Completely Redesigned Corolla Sedan
and Corolla Fielder
Tokyo — TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) announced today the Japan sales launch of the completely redesigned Corolla sedan—now known as the Corolla Axio*—and completely redesigned Corolla Fielder small station wagon through "Toyota Corolla" dealers nationwide.

Since its debut in 1966, the Corolla, through an automobile production approach that has anticipated the demands of the times, has gained the favor of millions of users, playing a key role in driving motorization forward.  The Corolla is currently sold in more than 140 countries and regions, and cumulative sales have exceeded 30 million vehicles, making it a best-selling vehicle positioned to lead the 21st century.

Corolla Axio "Luxel" (2WD) with options   Corolla Fielder S "Aerotourer" (2WD) with options
Corolla Axio "Luxel"
(2WD) with options
  Corolla Fielder S "Aerotourer"
(2WD) with options

The new Corolla Axio, as the 10th generation Corolla sedan, and the redesigned Corolla Fielder were developed with "car-making by a new measure" as their basic theme.  Toyota focused on enhancing basic performance and deepening the sense of quality, which is the essence of the Corolla, by responding to customer needs without being trapped by existing notions of what constitutes a compact vehicle.

Some specific examples of the active adoption of features from the customer's perspective are improved driving-support functions, such as the rearview monitor that is standard on all Corolla Axio models and the convenience-enhancing one-touch double-folding rear seats that are standard on all Corolla Fielder models.

In addition, a new standard for compact sedans and for station wagons is created through a newly developed 1.8-liter engine and Super CVT-i (Super Continuously Variable Transmission-intelligent) transmission that provide outstanding cruising and environmental performance, as well as through the adoption of innovative and advanced equipment not previously seen on compact vehicles, such as a Pre-crash Safety System using millimeter-wave radar and an Intelligent Parking Assist system.

* The Axio name was created from the Greek work "axia", meaning "things with value".

Sales Outline
Sales channels "Toyota Corolla" dealers nationwide in Japan
Monthly sales targets in Japan Corolla Axio: 6,000 units
Corolla Fielder: 6,000 units
Dealer launch events October 14 and 15, 2006

Assembly Plant:
Corolla Axio: Honsha Plant, Central Motor Co., Ltd.
Corolla Fielder: Higashifuji Plant, Kanto Auto Works, Ltd.

Vehicle Outline

Advanced Equipment that Surpasses the Compact Class

  • A rearview monitor displays an image of the area to the rear of the vehicle while backing up to reduce the burden on the driver when parking (standard on all Corolla Axio models).
  • The Corolla Fielder features the world's first* one-touch double-folding rear seats with backrests that can be folded flat with a single flip of a lever located in the rear cargo space.
  • The optional advanced Intelligent Parking Assist system supports steering operations when parallel parking and backing into a parking space.  Ultrasonic sensors installed on the front of the vehicle detect other parked vehicles and based on the results estimate the physical dimensions of a vacant parking space and set the target parking position.
  • The Corolla Axio features a new Pre-crash Safety System that uses millimeter-wave radar.  When the millimeter-wave radar detects a high risk of collision, the Pre-crash Seatbelts provide better initial restraint capabilities for passengers while the Pre-Crash Brake Assist system decelerates the vehicle to reduce the collision speed and contribute to less collision-caused damage.
  • The new Radar Cruise Control system detects and monitors the preceding vehicle and the lane, maintaining a fixed distance according to the preceding vehicle's speed within a preset range of speed.
* As of September 2006, according to a TMC survey

Exterior Evokes a Sense of Energy While Interior Displays High Quality
  • Based on the Toyota-brand design philosophy "Vibrant Clarity", the exterior evokes a sense of relaxation and vitality despite its compact size.
Corolla Axio
  • An attractive front end is created through a design that unifies the hood with the bumper between the fenders.
  • A door line flowing toward the rear and the rear pillars establish a side view that creates a sharp and stylish image.
  • The rear view is formed by combination taillights with a distinctive design and a clean, supple surface.
  • The rear pillars sweep downward to create a gently arcing character line that displays Corolla Axio's stylish nature.
Corolla Fielder
  • The impressive front view is created through a design that unifies the hood with the bumper between the fenders.
  • A short front overhang and the long-cabin proportions create an integrated side view.
  • The line along the door shoulder section continues to the rear, forming a rear view with a sense of strength and integrity.
  • The interiors of the Corolla Axio and the Corolla Fielder have simple and clean designs, with the equipment laid out efficiently, to create comfortable and convenient spaces with a sense of quality.
Highly Maneuverable Body Size and Extremely Comfortable Interior Space and Equipment
  • The superior package achieves compatibility between a body size that affords excellent maneuverability and an interior that is comfortable and relaxing.
  • The front corners have been given a curved design to achieve effective maneuverability.
  • The backseat floor hump is minimized to create flat-surfaced legroom, enabling three adults to sit in the rear comfortably (front-wheel-drive models).
  • The steering wheel has a telescoping function that allows its position to be adjusted front to rear for a comfortable driving posture.
  • To enhance visibility, the top surface of the instrument panel is low while the front pillars have been extended forward and made slimmer.
  • The Smart Entry & Start System employs a Smart Key to lock and unlock the doors and a button to start the engine—all one needs is to have the vehicle key on one's person or nearby.
  • The HDD (hard disc drive) navigation system features a 6.5-inch wide display screen and a 30GB high-capacity HDD, as well as a variety of multimedia functions and advanced navigation functions.
New Powertrain with Outstanding Driving and Environmental Performance
  • The new Corolla models feature a new 1.8-liter 2ZR-FE engine and Super CVT-i (Super Continuously Variable Transmission-intelligent) transmission developed as the main powertrain for compact and medium-class vehicles.
  • A newly developed 1.8-liter 2ZR-FE engine adopts Dual VVT-i (Dual Variable Valve Timing-intelligent) that optimizes both intake and exhaust to achieve smooth and powerful acceleration, while offering fuel efficiency and environmental performance at class-leading levels*.
  • Both the 1.8-liter and 1.5-liter engines are combined with a newly developed Super CVT-i transmission for smooth cruising and linear acceleration without shift shock, as well as for a quiet ride and improved fuel efficiency.
  • The new Corolla models adopt a light-weight, high-rigidity body that seeks both a quiet cabin and superior aerodynamic properties; it uses an advanced chassis to achieve performance that makes it truly possible to experience the joy of driving.
  • Key components of the front and rear suspensions have been optimally tuned to provide brisk maneuvering and cruising stability, as well as a comfortable ride.
* Compared to vehicles of similar engine displacement

Engine Specifications
Maximum output
Maximum torque
Fuel consumption*
2ZR-FE 1,797 100 (136)/6,000 175 (17.9)/4,400 17.2
1NZ-FE 1,496 81 (110)/6,000 140 (14.4)/4,400 18.2
* Figures for Corolla Axio (front-wheel-drive model with Super CVT-i) under the 10-15 Japanese test cycle, as certified by Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

Class-leading Safety and Environmental Performance
  • The GOA (Global Outstanding Assessment) construction has been further evolved to create an advanced collision-safety body structure. During collision tests under stricter-than-normal standards, the speed was set at 55km/h, and the vehicle was subjected to omni-directional, vehicle-to-vehicle collision tests with a vehicle up to the 2-ton range. Through the use of a body structure that effectively absorbs collision impact, Toyota satisfied all independent targets for survival space and dummy injury.
  • The pedestrian-injury-lessening body structure has been evolved to further reduce pedestrian head injuries, pursuing a class-top level of protection.
  • The front-seat structures are based on the WIL (Whiplash Injury Lessening) concept and come with stronger seat frames and greater backrest give.  They were designed based on analyses using THUMS (Total Human Model for Safety), incorporating a structural design that reduces stress on the neck during low-speed rear impact.
  • All vehicles in the two series have been certified as having emissions levels 75% lower than the 2005 standards under the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport's Approval System for Low-emission Vehicles.  The 1.5-liter front-wheel-drive model (with CVT) and 1.8-liter four-wheel-drive model of the Corolla Axio, and the 1.5-liter front-wheel-drive model (with CVT), 1.5-liter four-wheel-drive model, and 1.8-liter four-wheel-drive model of the Corolla Fielder also achieve fuel efficiency that is 10 percent greater than the Japanese 2010 fuel efficiency standards*, qualifying for incentives under the Japanese government's Green Taxation System.
  • Eco-VAS (Eco-Vehicle Assessment System)—Toyota's original comprehensive environmental impact assessment system—was implemented to achieve, as efficiently as possible, the overall reduction of environmental impact, from initial development to disposal, throughout the vehicle's entire lifecycle.  LCA (Life-cycle Assessment) was also carried out, aiming to reduce CO2 and other atmospheric pollutants, not just during the use stage, but also during the vehicle's entire lifecycle, from manufacture through to disposal.
  • A review of the materials, processing methods and adhesives used for interior parts resulted in a reduction in the amount of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) used, thereby also reducing the discomforting odors emitted from such compounds.
  • An Eco Drive Indicator lights up when the vehicle is being efficiently operated to raise the driver's awareness of environmentally considerate driving and contribute to higher fuel efficiency.
* Specified by the Japanese Law Concerning the Rational Use of Energy

Welcabs: Specially equipped vehicles with factory-installed features for disabled people
  • Welcab Rotating and Sliding Passenger Seat models (Type A and Type B) have wider door-opening angles than the base models to further facilitate vehicle boarding and exiting.
  • Welcab Friendmatic Seat models (Type I, Type II) allow for the installation of a specialized driver's seat and devices that facilitate driving, enabling people without use of their legs to drive with only their hands.

  (c) TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION. All Rights Reserved.

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